CHW Feedback

What has the experience been for the community health workers and other asthma home visitors who have utilized this tool during home visits?  Has it improved the quality of the visits, relationships with families, etc.?

For our program, the CHWs themselves do not use the ESS tool.  The ESS is used for data analysis after the intervention is complete.  The CHWs collect the data either via questionnaire or walk through assessment and then the results are applied to the tool.  We have heard that CHWs really prefer a more streamlined questionnaire/assement tool as it makes it easier to work with families to collect the data and improve their environment.

Our agency works with both children and seniors.  Have the studies pointed out any nuances that should be used in working with each population?

We have not yet found any special considerations for the application of the ESS to older adult populations, although we are finding that the underlying trigger distribtuion and how those triggers might be addressed is different.  For example, seniors in our pilot study would at times have others that helped with cleaning activities in the home and so we'd to expand our education by the CHWs to include these helpers on the triggering effects of bleach, etc.