Reducing/Eliminating Fragrance in Homes

What is being done to address reduce/eliminate fragrance use in the homes?

From Shawn Blackshear, IHS:

The use of green and low-odor cleaning supplies is recommended by the Environmental Health Specialist, and some green cleaning/low VOC supplies are provided during the visit. Also, residents are asked about their use of spray air freshener, heavy perfumes, strong solvents, and so forth, and tailored education is provided on-site.


Great to hear.  Are FEDs and candles addressed as well? 

Hi - this is Erin from EPA Region 10 responding for Shawn with IHS. He said that candles and fragrance emitting devices are not specifically mentioned in the assessment tool they use but if he sees anything in that category, he'd do some education about them on site. That said, he couldn't recall encountering this specific issue in the homes he's visited. Is this a common issue in your program experience?