Home Assessment Timeline and Cost

25 homes were assessed over what period of time and what was the average cost per home?

From Shawn Blackshear, IHS: The homes were assessed roughly over the course of a year (2014-2015).

The cost of each visit involved Shawn's time (IHS Environmental Health Specialist) as well as cost of the educational tools/patient supplies which were roughly $75 per home. 

More recently, through support from an NIH grant, we've been able to offer grocery gift cards and HEPA filter vacuums as part of the program. Vacuums are about $300/each and come with accessories like replacement filters and bags. Gift cards are $25 per patient and $25 for the parent/guardian per visit (3 visits, so up to $150 total in incentives). Green cleaning supplies estimated at around $25/each.


Sounds like you are doing great work, good luck with your program.  We have been doing this work on the US/Mexico Border in South Texas funded by EPA and other state and federal agencies for about 20 years.  Sustaining funding and momentum are challenging.  

Thank you - we really appreciate your questions and participation, and your work on the Border. We welcome any insights and learnings you might have to share from your program, too.

Erin (EPA Region 10)