Best supplies to help with their cleaner indoor air goals

Hello! What are the "best" supplies to provide to families to help with their cleaner indoor air goals and lessening asthma symptoms?  My organization has a grant to offer supplies in a range from $40-$200 per person. Thank you for your help! 

The National Center for Healthy Housing has an e-learning program: Building Systems to Sustain Home-Based Asthma Services. It includes a number of sample lists of supplies that other programs use. 


Hope you're well. Congratulations on the grant! There are a lot of resources that are specific to cleaning for asthma. I can point you to some, but I'll start by sending you to a public web site I maintain that has healthy home resources. It is located here:

There are also several 3rd party cleaning certification programs that have guidance on what products they have found to be lower-risk, ofter referred to as "green cleaning". These products have really advanced in the last 10 years and are quite effective. Here are a few examples:

•Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP)
•EPA Design for the Environment (DfE)
•EPA Safer Choice
•Green Label Plus
•Green Seal
•Green Shield Certified
•QualityPro for Pest Management
Happy to follow up via email.