Program Participation & Obstacles

How do you sign up people to participate in your program and where do they come from? What does your common visit look like? Have you had obstacles you had to jump through—what where they and how did you do it?

Which area do you live in?  If in San Diego we can enroll any child with severe asthma to our CASA program if they haven't recevied an outreach call from us already. You can contact the Severe Asthma Clinic at Rady Children's for more information.

The obstacles are reaching families and navigating the payment of services and supplies.

Currently we partner with health plans who provide us referrals in the San Joaquin Valley Counties and we also accept self-referrals from clients as well as from community based organizations. A common first visit will last about 2 hours in the home and/or virtually where we complete various assessments including the home environment assessment and health education. Obstacles we have been working through has been the virtual connection with clients who do not have access to the technology and internet. We have addressed that by providing them low-cost internet service assistance and/or providing them a tablet with data plan which we pay for during the duration of the program to allow them to participate.