address additional social determinants of health

Any plans to expand efforts with other partners to address additional social determinants of health that can affect asthma  (e.g., partnering with food banks to address the 20% of children who experience daily hunger)?

We screen the children in our Cigna CASA and HN Asthma Equity program for SDOH and provide connections to 211 and any other indicated community resource to provide support for identified needs. The programs are sponosored by Cigan and HealthNet however it is not limited to their members. We can enroll any child in the programs.

We have a working relationship with community-based organizations in the community that offer additional resources such as food banks, shelters, energy assistance, etc., and provide referrals directly to these organizations. 

We conduct a complete needs assessment three times. At the initial visit, 6 months and 12 months. It assesses both the medical and social determinants of health including environmental exposures both in-and outside the home, stress from external and internal factors, housing and food security, and other.


I lead an asthma coalition (Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition) in Indiana. I just posted an event that's taking place on 8/26 that will feature a presentation on the social determinants of asthma.


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