Gas Stove Assessments

With the uptick of interest / studies on the indoor air quality ramifications of cooking with natural gas, I'm curious whether this program (in either Part A or B) assessed whether homes use gas stoves. If so, were they ever included in the repair portion (aside from ventilation upgrades)?

The Asthma-Safe Homes Program providers assess whether households have gas stoves, first during the basic home walkthrough (Part A) and then during the comprehensive assessment (Part B), if the home is referred. Part B repair/remediation funding could be used to replace a gas stove with an electric stove, but we are working with our technical assistance provider to best understand and communicate the research to clients, landlords, etc. as gas stoves are often preferred. The majority of the households we've worked with this year have had gas stoves. 

Part B funding is used to install or improve kitchen ventilation systems as well.