Asthma Policies

Hello, everyone:

     I am fairly new to the Community and would like to know if anyone

   know of any public policies that were created to address the asthma

   issue as an environmental health hazard?  Any help will be greatly



One of the first things that came to my mind were the laws about open burning.  Most municipalities have laws forbidding or restricting  the burning of  wood, garbage, leaves, etc.  Some small open fires might be allowed in a chimnea or small fire pit.  Our county allows 2  18" pieces of wood.

Sometimes the laws are on the books in relation to fire safety.  In other cases open burning is recognized as an asthma trigger. This becomes an issue in the summer when people have their windows open and their neighbors just want to sit around a bonfire/campfire to enjoy a summer evening.  

Neighbors who call the police to report open burning are often labeled as being crabby or worse.   Most of the who enjoy backyard bonfires do not realize how irratating the smoke can be for people with asthma.