low literacy Asian language Asthma pt. education materials

Does anyone have low literacy Asian language patient education materials they could share? thanks.

Hi Anna,

Have you searched the Resource Bank (http://www.asthmacommunitynetwork.org/resources)? This feature of AsthmaCommunityNetwork.org includes more than 390 resources, many of which are available in other languages and at the low-literacy level. The advanced search function includes filters that allow you to select the language and literacy level, among other options (type of resource, target audience, etc).



PACNJ has their Top 10 Asthma triggers in the home in the follwoing languages available for dwonload on their website    http://www.pacnj.org/triggers.html

There are pictures, but may not be totally low literacy as they were doen a number of years ago.

English Top Ten

Chinese Top Ten

French Creole Top Ten

Gujarati Top Ten

Korean Top Ten

Portuguese Top Ten

Spanish Top Ten

Tagalog Top Ten