WECAN school asthma program

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Jackie Choman
The WE CAN asthma education project provides free education and tools to children to manage their asthma, such as peak flow meters and spacers, and promotes family learning to support improved health outcomes.

Rex Hospital asthma staff will assist WCPSS (Wake County Public Schools) in achieving the following five goals for school health developed by the National Asthma Education Prevention Program: 1) A Healthy school environment 2) Health Services in the School 3) Asthma Education 4) Supportive Policies and 5) Sound Communication. The program will also assist in the collection of data to determine if the program helps the children understand their asthma management as well as affect the increase and/or decrease of symptoms during the day and at night, daily activity limitations, and frequency of severe attacks. We will also collaborate with the school system to record the number of days missed due to an excused absence, number of hospitalizations, and any changes in the medication usage for each child. _We will also measure satisfaction and compliance with a simple questionnaire sent home with each child three months after completing the class. ____________________ All children who particpate in the WE CAN asthma education project will receive free education and tools to manage their asthma, such as peak flow meters and spacers. Education will be made available to their parents
• Children attend seven educational sessions where they learn about asthma and how to take control of asthma. Sessions are conducted before or after school, or during recess periods so that the child does not miss class. Instructors use the Starbright “Quest for the Code” CD ROM game, played as a group and individually by each child. Quest for the Code was developed with the input of an advisory team of national pediatric asthma experts, including physicians at UCLA and UC Irvine, researchers, nurses and educators.8 Quest for the Code features 3-D animation and the voices of eleven top celebrities to help kids ages 7 to 15 learn how to manage their asthma. Each CD-ROM contains the game in both English and Spanish and includes a comprehensive parent guide. The Starbright celebrities include Minnie Driver, Whoopi Goldberg, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Shaquille O’Neal.
• Before the first session, parents are asked to complete an asthma assessment for their child. This assessment is used by the WE CAN facilitators to assess the severity of asthma and needs of each family. Parents are invited to the first session and asked to sign a permission slip and a contract for a smoke free home.
• Parents receive a Starbright Quest for the Code Parent Guide and One Minute Asthma book.
• Each week parents are sent sheets explaining what their child has learned, reference pages to review with their child, and quizzes for the parent and child to take together. Parents also help the child complete a peak flow diary, which helps them monitor the child’s progress.
Each child is also provided a Peak Flow Meter, PEF diary, Spacer and pillow cover and education on the appropriate use of each device. The sessions and distribution of devices and additional educational materials closely follow the seven modules included on the Starbright program