US EPA Region I

1 Congress St
02114 Boston , MA

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Rhona Julien
US EPA Region 1 collaborates with stakeholders to address the problem of asthma throughout the six New England states.

US EPA Region 1 works collaboratively with stakeholders, (e.g., education, housing and health professionals, persons with asthma, government agencies, and community-based organizations to address the problem of asthma burdens throughout the 6 New England states. This goal will be achieved by improving access to information about asthma resources and effective asthma management including identification of asthma triggers, control strategies, and/or interventions designed to reduce environmental health hazards, (e.g., asthma triggers). Initiatives or technical expertise within the Indoor Air Program directed at these efforts include Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS), Tools for School (TfS), Healthy Homes Initiatives, and structural Integrated Pest Management (IPM).