How did you receive data on corticosteroid use, outpatient visits, ED visits?

From Reagan Nelson - How did they get the Data on corticosteroid use? Outpatient visits? Ed visits? What did that partnership look like?

The MDCH Asthma Prevention and Control Program utilizes claims data for children enrolled in Michigan Medicaid programs to assess health care and pharmacy utilization levels. We also use data from the Asthma Call Back Survey component of the Michigan Behavioral Risk Factor Survey to provide data on asthma symptoms, exposures, management, and other details at the state level.

There are two components I addressed in the presentation. On a monthly basis, we generate reports based on health plan claim data received from pharmacies, providers and hospitals in the health plan network. This data includes corticosteroid use, other asthma medication use, asthma related inpatient visits and asthma related emergency room visits. The second component is a partnership with Children's Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA) to provide timely emergency room visit information. This is a unique partnership and was developed by the health plan as a way to reduce avoidable ER visits. The hospital provides us a list of asthma related ER visits on a weekly basis and the nurses review and add members into our program.