Question for RSD

Can you tell me more about your Wellness and Air Team? How did you organize them and what kinds of things do they do?

After RSD went to the EPA meeting in Washington, DC in 2010, we went back and looked at all the schools and looked at the staff in each.  The facilities, school nurses, and IAQ Coordinator decided to choose a champion from each school to head these school wellness committees.  It may be the school nurse or a teacher. 

I think all schools should have a some sort of School Wellness Committee.   Many School Districts have School Health Advisory Committees (SHAC).  In Texas, all school districts are required to have a School Health Advisory Committee at the district level.  

More importantly, though, especially in large school districts, is to get these committees established at the local school level; committees should include school faculty, adminsistration, parents, students and community members and ideally be modeled on the 8 components of the CDC model of Coordianted Health.   Parents want to know when they send their children to school that they will be safe.