Kids with No Medical Support

From Marcela Ceballos: What resources are there to assist kids with asthma diagnosis, but no medical insurance for medication, doctors visits and other preventive care?

Each city or county should have free medical clinics offered.  If this is not evident then going to civic organizations for monies to go to medical providers to obtain the necessary medical orders and drugs.  Each state should have some type of insurance for no income or low income families for the children to at least have health insurance.  Louisiana's is called LaChip.

Do you have any free or low cost clinics in your area? We have a low cost clinic that closes early twice a week to allow volunteer doctors, nurses and other trained staff to treat members of the public for free.

Needymeds is a website that provides assistance for people who can't afford their medications (any medications, not just asthma.) They also have a list of free clinics in each state.