Provision of supplies (RIDOH)

The HARP program provides supplies in thier last visit...what is the reasoning for this and why are they not provided at an earlier visit?

Some supplies are provided in both the second and third visit depending on family and logistics. HEPA vacuum is given in the last visit primarily for retention. CORRECTION: HEPA vaccume is provided in the second visit. My apologies for that error.

Who do the CHW's work for?  In other words, who might be reimbursed?  Health care center?  Hospital?


Currently, the CHW works for RIPIN. CDC funding through the RI Dpt of Health's Asthma Program covers this with direct payment to RIPIN. The work ahead of us of how to reimburse for the HARP service to cover the CHW services. Reimburse Hasbro and St. Joe's as a bundled payment? Not yet known.