Integrated Pest Management

How much gel bait do you provide for integrated pest management? Are there any additional supplies for cockroaches that you use?

Also, do you actually work with the family and walk them through the process of IPM by laying down the bait or give them the supplies and let them do it on their own?

What has the success rate been for eliminating cockroach infestations in the home?


In MA, we provide stuff it, waste basket with lids, closed food containers, and sticky traps.  In addition, we train CHWs on things families can do to control pest and how to train families.  IPM is important and other studies in Boston are providing IPM as a healthy homes approach.   We did not have a budget to provide IPM.

Hello, I am unsure of the answer to the first question and can post that at a later time. The CHW has been trained to work with families and show them how to use the supplies provided.  Preliminary results are promising and show a reduction - but most of the homes are in multi-unit housing that makes it difficult to totally eliminate pests unless you do IPM in all units. We do not provide IPM for entire buildings. It is cost prohibitive. Nancy

Those are both great and helpful. I was wondering because we do run an IPM program and work with families who have children with asthma. However, we do not provide asthma case managment but work with another network that does. I was just curious as to what other communities are doing in that regard. I can relate to the costs and the difficulty of working in multi-family housing.


Thanks for your time!