Podcast Series: Asthma Community Network – Conversations for Advancing Action

WIN for Asthma, an award-winning asthma management program, engages Community Health Workers to offer comprehensive asthma education through home visits, a home environmental assessment, referrals for clinical and social services, and to also provide on-going support. Among program graduates, hospitalizations have decreased by 65 percent, emergency department visits decreased by 54 percent, and nearly 100 percent of caregivers report feeling in-control of their child’s asthma. WIN for Asthma has successfully leveraged their programmatic success to help ensure program sustainability. Listen to two speakers from WIN for Asthma, who share their experience applying for the National Environmental Leadership Award in Asthma Management and the impact it had on their program. Read More
Group visits, or shared medical appointments, are a growing trend in chronic disease management. They can be an effective and cost-efficient way to teach self management, deliver comprehensive education and address some of the linguistic and cultural challenges seen in the doctor’s office. Lois Wessel shares her thoughts on how group visits can be used to improve asthma self-management. Read More
Assessing and controlling environmental triggers is an important step in managing asthma. Dr. Jay Portnoy explains how his hospital effectively integrates home environmental assessments into patient care and shares his perspective on the future impact of this preventative approach to health care delivery. Read More
Learn about how health information technology (health IT) can improve access to affordable health care and asthma management. This episode explores health IT as a prime method of communication to engage patients in underserved communities. Two representatives from the Association of Clinicians for the Underserved describe the benefits of using Health IT, growing trends in the industry and provide examples of new technologies available to clinicians and patients. Read More
This episode highlights the vital role of a Community Health Worker (CHW) in serving populations with the largest disparities in asthma outcomes. A mother, an asthma program manager and a CHW describe the most important gaps that are bridged between home and clinic settings when a CHW is involved. Read More
This episode features a community asthma program that receives third-party payer reimbursement for its asthma services. Home visits are the foundation of its success. Listen for tips on using evaluation data to demonstrate your program’s value and cost effectiveness. Read More
Hear about evaluation methods that systematically improve and account for public health actions and outcomes. This episode explores how data and measurable results can be used to demonstrate value, and introduces the six key steps in CDC’s Framework for Program Evaluation. Read More
Based on previous pediatric asthma initiatives in Westside Chicago, Melissa Gutierrez and Helen Margellos-Anast of the Sinai Urban Health Institute determined that basic asthma interventions were associated with improved health outcomes. Building on this knowledge, they developed a rigorous environmental component to their interventions and created their EPA award-winning program, Healthy Home, Healthy Child, Inc., (HHHC). Read More
Learn how the Maine Smoke-Free Housing Coalition led the way for Maine to become the first in the country with smoke-free public housing policies statewide. Listen to Coalition founder Tina Pettingill and Coalition Director Sarah Mayberry’s remarkable story of how they engaged tenants and property owners, and find out how you can replicate their success in your state and community. Read More
Dr. Tyra Bryant-Stephens discusses the role of community health workers in effective home-based asthma education. Read More