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Three NHLBI guidelines-based e-versions are available: adult, student and ages 0-4 years old.
Asthma Care Plan/Action Plan, English, Document (PDF, Word, Excel)
Links with resources on what to do when preparing for and recovering from a natural disaster such as a hurricane, especially when you have asthma.
Website, Other
"The wireless stethoscopes can transfer a patient’s heart rate and other vital signs directly to Eko’s secure portal, where it can, among other things, be shared with other doctors for a second opinion."
The CDC is partnering with health care purchasers, payers, and providers to improve health and control health care costs. CDC provides these partners with rigorous evidence about high-burden health conditions and associated interventions to inform their decisions to have the greatest health and cost impact. This initiative aligns evidence-based preventive practices with emerging value-based payment and delivery models.
Parents say they are concerned about environmental health threats, yet most pediatric care providers do not offer prevention strategies during office visits. Why? Many providers report they feel ill equipped to educate families about common exposures. In an effort to fill the need for environmental health information, PEHSU and PSR have launched the Pediatric Environmental Health Toolkit (PEHT). The PEHT, endorsed by the AAP, is based on material in the AAP “Green Book”. This free and up-to-date resource offers trusted information at your fingertips. Bookmark the toolkit web app and discover simple ways to educate and guide parents about environmental health during well child visits.
English, Environmental Assessment/Checklist, Training/Educational Kit
Building Systems to Sustain Home-Based Asthma Services is a new eLearning and technical assistance platform designed to equip staff in public health agencies, state asthma-control programs, state Medicaid agencies, and other housing and health organizations with information about how to build the systems, infrastructure, and financing to put home-based asthma services in place in their own states, communities, or regions.
Community Health/Outreach Worker Tool, English, Education/Outreach Materials, Environmental Assessment/Checklist, Training Materials, Implementation Guide, Training/Educational Kit, Program Management/Evaluation, Protocol, Other, Quality Improvement, Other
Despite considerable evidence that the economic and other benefits of asthma home visits far exceed their cost, few health care payers reimburse or provide coverage for these services.
A growing evidence base suggests that a comprehensive healthy homes approach may be an effective strategy for improving housing hazards that affect health, but questions remain about the feasibility of large-scale implementation.
The Healthy Home Evaluator (HHE) is a certification for home performance and energy efficiency professionals. The HHE was developed in partnership with the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI). An HHE assesses home-based environmental health and safety hazards and provides a prioritized list of recommendations to address those hazards for the homeowner.