Asthma Webinars

Asthma webinars present the latest knowledge and information from leading experts and asthma management program champions from across the country. Offered at no-cost, webinars are an opportunity to discover state of the art tools and resources, learn effective strategies in asthma program design and delivery, engage the experts through question and answer sessions, and contribute to the discussion through interactive polling features.

Whether you recently attended a webinar or need more information, access the archived presentation materials and audio/visual recordings below to learn more about home environmental interventions, best practices for asthma management, program evaluation basics, housing code enforcement, and more.

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Community-based Asthma Management
Tracey Mitchell, EPA; Kimberlee Honda, Pediatric Asthma and Allergy Clinici at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital; Dr. Tyra Bryant-Stephens, Community Asthma Prevention Program at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
22 May 2018

Hear winners of EPA’s 2018 National Environmental Leadership Award in Asthma Management share successful strategies for addressing asthma triggers, engaging community health workers and pursuing program sustainability.

Schools and Asthma
Tracy Enger (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency); Andrea Faulken (U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools); Teresa Lampmann (The Pediatric/Adult Asthma Coalition of New Jersey); Marilyn Hammett (Louisiana Recovery School District), Kitty Hernlen (Georgia Health Sciences University)
12 September 2012

During this webinar, leading asthma experts with comprehensive school-based asthma management programs discuss several topics: how to collaborate with key partners to improve asthma management in schools; control asthma’s impact on students; improve student academic performance; understand the connection between effective asthma management in schools, and green and healthy indoor learning environments.

Community-based Asthma Management
Tyra Bryant-Stephens, M.D., Director, Community Asthma Prevention Program, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania); Anne Kelsey Lamb, M.P.H., Director, Regional Asthma Management and Prevention (RAMP) (California); Ellen Tohn, Principal, Tohn Environmental Strategies, LLC (National); Kevin Kennedy, M.P.H., Director, Environmental Health Program, Children’s Mercy Kansas City (Missouri)
26 January 2021

Join the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and experts from around the country for a live panel discussion about strategies for and lessons learned about delivering in-home asthma care and environmental interventions during the pandemic, including virtual home visits. Receive live feedback from the panel by participating in the question-and-answer session during the webinar.

Program Evaluation Basics
Tracey Mitchell, EPA; Erica Marshall, Massachusetts Department of Public Health; Anjali Nath, Boston Public Health Commission
11 September 2018

This webinar, the second in a three-part series, features speakers from the Boston Public Health Commission and Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Learn how the Environmental Scoring System has helped their asthma home visiting programs quantitatively assess asthma triggers. In addition to highlighting their evaluation results, our speakers describe the tool’s potential for use in other asthma programs.

Sustainable Financing
Sheila Brown, EPA; Kate Hastings, SCG; Julian Rodriguez-Drix, Rhode Island Department of Health; Eric Armbrecht, Missouri Asthma Prevention and Control Program; Cliff Mitchell, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
3 May 2018

This webinar, the first in a three-part series, focuses on the diverse pathways to reimbursement through Medicaid. The ‘state of reimbursement’ around the country is a trending topic and many program leaders are eager to hear concrete examples about ways they can begin or continue down the path toward sustainable financing. This webinar highlights content that can be used to help participants understand of the various stages of readiness and action, the path each of the speakers has traveled, and what the next steps are for each. Speakers offer lessons learned from their experiences and offer resources to help participants learn more.

Investing in Best Practices for Asthma
Tracy Enger (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), Amanda Reddy (National Center for Healthy Housing) Abby Hugill (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) Jill Bednarek (Healthy Living Branch, Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment)
18 February 2015

Learn more about the changing landscape of healthcare coverage and how to prepare your own organization for existing opportunities in sustainable financing.

Communities in Action: Leadership Voices Sharing Best Practices
Tracey Mitchell, EPA; Deborah Quint, IMPACT DC; Candice Pantor, IMPACT DC
25 January 2017

Hear how a past winner of the National Environmental Leadership Award in Asthma Management has evolved since winning the Award. Learn best practices for achieving positive asthma health outcomes and sustained programmatic success.

Program Evaluation Basics
Tom Chapel
22 October 2008

The first session in this series, this Webinar provides an overview of the steps and standards of the CDC Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health. Nationally recognized evaluation expert Tom Chapel presents some of the typical challenges encountered in trying to do good program evaluation and shows how the Framework offers practical solutions to surmount these challenges to produce evaluation designs most likely to yield findings that can be used for program improvement.

Katherine Horton (The George Washington University Department of Health Policy), Mary Kusler (National Education Association), Janet Lowe (Saint Paul Public Schools), and Greg Morris (LEAnet)
30 January 2014

Learn the different reimbursement barriers and opportunities in paying for asthma management at school. This webinar describes public and private funding sources used by school districts to cover nursing services; examines recent legal changes to the “free care rule,” which is an obstacle to Medicaid reimbursement in schools; and discuss new ways to increase access to health services in schools. It also examines opportunities under health reform law and recent changes to federal Medicaid policy that could allow community health workers to help deliver preventive services to children in schools.

Community-based Asthma Management
Moderator: Erin McTigue, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 10, Presenters: Matthew Hayashi, Principal Organizational Development and Leadership Consultant, Headwater People Consulting, Shawn Blackshear, Acting Director, Portland Area Division of Environmental Health Services, Indian Health Service’s Yakama Field Office.
23 July 2019

On today’s webinar, “Opportunities for In-Home Asthma Care in Native Communities: A Northwest Initiative and Tribal Pilot Project” we feature Matthew Echohawk Hayashi, Principal Organizational Development and Leadership Consultant, Headwater People Consulting, and Shawn Blackshear, Acting Director, Portland Area Division of Environmental Health Services, Indian Health Service’s Yakama Field Office. I will also be speaking on EPA Region 10’s role in this work.

In the webinar, you will learn about:

  • Lessons from a 5-year effort to build capacity and explore sustainable funding for asthma in-home environmental interventions in Native communities.
  • Guidance about how a multidisciplinary team was formed with tribes, federal partners, and state and local organizations, including the importance of involving tribal voices in program design.
  • Firsthand experiences from a leader of a home-visiting program in a tribal community in Washington state.
  • Opportunities and barriers to expanding in-home asthma care in Native communities.