Asthma Webinars

Asthma webinars present the latest knowledge and information from leading experts and asthma management program champions from across the country. Offered at no-cost, webinars are an opportunity to discover state of the art tools and resources, learn effective strategies in asthma program design and delivery, engage the experts through question and answer sessions, and contribute to the discussion through interactive polling features.

Whether you recently attended a webinar or need more information, access the archived presentation materials and audio/visual recordings below to learn more about home environmental interventions, best practices for asthma management, program evaluation basics, housing code enforcement, and more.

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Sustainable Financing
Mariela Lopez, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Brenda Yamashita, Alameda County Public Health Department; Kevin Hamilton, Fresno AIM;
29 March 2017

This webinar discusses options for sustainably financing in-home asthma care services and provides examples from multiple programs working with Pay for Success models and other braided funding approaches.

Community-based Asthma Management
Stacey Chacker, Director, Asthma Regional Council, New England Asthma Innovative Collaborative; Dr. Samuel DeLeon, Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer, Urban Health Plan; Bradley Kramer, Asthma Program Manager, Public Health, Public Health—Seattle & King County; Dr. Andrea D. Gelzer, Senior Vice President, Corporate Chief Medical Officer, AmeriHealth Caritas
25 May 2016

Hear successful strategies from the 2016 National Environmental Leadership Award in Asthma Management winners on how building an effective asthma care team is a critical to providing comprehensive asthma care. Learn best practices for establishing your asthma care workforce and coordinating care with community partners. Discover how a strong workforce can serve as a building block for your program’s business case for future funding opportunities.

Communities in Action: Leadership Voices Sharing Best Practices
Kara Skahen, Program Director of “Live Smoke Free” at ANSR-MN, Patricia Baines-Lake, Executive Director, Lansing Housing Commission, Michigan, and Amy Moore, Health Educator, Ingham County Health Department, Michigan
5 August 2015

Learn from featured speakers from advocacy associations, health departments and housing commissions, discussing the national momentum towards smoke-free policies in federally subsidized housing and the collaborations that helped make them possible. This webinar focuses on successful programs and partnerships and the health disparities that motivated their implementation. It also demonstrates best practices and examples of successful collaborations between Public Housing Authorities and public health programs. These collaborative approaches can be replicated and adopted by smoke-free advocates everywhere in the nation.

Sara Rosenbaum (The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services), Dr. Floyd Malveaux (The Merck Childhood Asthma Network, Inc.), Feygele Jacobs (RCHN Community Health Foundation), Dr. Gail Wilensky (Project HOPE), Mary Woolley (Research!America), and Dr. Jeff Levi (Trust for America’s Health)
17 September 2009

Learn about the health reform debate and discuss what it may mean for children, particularly those with asthma. This webinar provides a chance for asthma policy and practice leaders and those in the child health policy, caregiver, and public health communities to hear from and interact with health care and policy experts.

Investing in Best Practices for Asthma
Closing Remarks - Tracy Enger and David Rowson, Environmental Protection Agency
19 June 2007

Hear participant poll results about challenges and successes with asthma education and environmental interventions. Learn how the Online Network supports strategies and information-sharing among community programs.

Investing in Best Practices for Asthma
Polly Hoppin and Laurie Stillman
19 June 2007

Learn about a recommended framework for implementing asthma education and environmental interventions and determine how your program can implement this framework which is grounded in the business case analysis. Hear about the recommended mechanisms of implementation for public and private payers, health care groups and employees, and policymakers.

Investing in Best Practices for Asthma
Molly Jacobs, MPH, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
19 June 2007

Discover the literature reviewed and studies evaluated during the development of the business case. Learn about the evidence on costs for both asthma education and environmental interventions. Listen to how this literature is in practice and benefiting two health plans: Optima Health and the Monroe Plan for Medical Care.

Investing in Best Practices for Asthma
Polly Hoppin, ScD, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
19 June 2007

Hear about environmental triggers and the effectiveness of asthma education and environmental interventions on health outcomes across all risk levels. Learn how the “business case” was established for health care decision-making based on cost savings and cost effectiveness.

Investing in Best Practices for Asthma
Laurie Stillman, MMHS, Asthma Regional Council
19 June 2007

Learn about the history of the Asthma Regional Council, the astonishing asthma statistics in New England, and the Environmental Investments Initiative that became the foundation for the business case.

Investing in Best Practices for Asthma
Introduction —Tracy Enger and David Rowson, Environmental Protection Agency
19 June 2007

Learn about the vision for the Communities in Action for Asthma-Friendly Environments Initiative and how EPA is mobilizing communities.