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These asthma multimedia materials are available here for viewing and listening.
Use these infographics to spread asthma awareness through your network and educate others! Use the hashtags #asthma, #AsthmaAwarenessMonth, and/or #WorldAsthmaDay, and tag @EPA and/or @EPAair.
Use this sample social media plan to spread asthma awareness through your network and educate others! Use the hashtags #asthma, #AsthmaAwarenessMonth, and/or #WorldAsthmaDay, and tag @EPA and/or @EPAair.
The American Lung Association's Asthma Basics program is offered as a self-paced online learning module or an in-person workshop and designed to help people learn more about asthma.
Let the American Lung Association show you how to protect your family. Don't let the air in your home threaten your family's health, especially if someone in your family has asthma or another lung disease.
The American Lung Association recently released a new video, “How Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Lungs.” It is available in English and Spanish.
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Unlocking the Power of Home-Based Asthma Services: Model Health Benefit Packages equips managed care organizations (MCOs) or other healthcare payers with the information they need to improve asthma management among their enrollees by ensuring the provision of asthma home visiting services. This new resource describes the scope, staffing, and services associated with home-based asthma services that identify and address environmental asthma triggers in the home environment. The tool includes tiers of services (e.g., from a very basic set of services to more premium sets of services) to provide a range of options for payers at different levels of readiness to provide home-based asthma services and includes recommendations to support action from a range of critical stakeholders.  
Asthma Friendly Policies, Document (PDF, Word, Excel)
As a CDC partner, Allergy & Asthma Network has created a repository of EXHALE resources.
The Allergy & Asthma Network is on TikTok.
An infographic (in English and Spanish) for parents and caregivers that shares how EXHALE strategies can be used to control a child's asthma symptoms.
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