NY State program on today's webinar

The results which you showed on the webinar ("selected outcomes") were very iimpressive. I didn't catch whether you said how many home visits were performed prior to evaluating improvements. Could you tell us more about what the level of engagement with the families was prior to seeing these results?

Awesome presentations! Thanks so much.

Barbara Spark EPA Region 9


There is an initial home visit during which the home is assessed and any "issues" are addressed through education, low-cost products and referrals.  About a quarter of the homes receive an optional follow-up visit, scheduled 3-6 months after the initial visit.  Improvements are assessed for the subset of revisited homes.

In terms of the level of engagement with the families prior to the visit, many of these programs have a long-standing presence in their community and are well-known to residents.  In some cases, before going door to door in a community, the local program will distribute leaflets letting residents know about the program and that outreach workers will be visiting the community to offer their services.  In other cases a resident may be referred through a school nurse or Department of Social Services or a managed care plan who is familiar with the program and describes the services during the referral process.