Innovative financing arrangements?

Have you engaged in any innovative financing arrangements to fund home-based asthma interventions?


This is an issue that is near and dear to many of our hearts.  There are many examples around the country (and from many programs featured on this network) of community-based programs partnering with managed care and other organizations to provide financing for their programs.  We have recently summarized this evidence for use in pursuing our Medicaid proposal in New York State.  Our summary includes information about the variety of ways services are being provided, the range of program costs encountered, the range of cost-savings and return on investment being reported and the impact on key asthma outcomes.  I would love to share this document if it would be of use to other partners.

Also, I think the way our program is structured in New York is fairly unique in how we provide funding to local counties and find ways to garner support from partners who cannot directly fund the program.  For instance, while our state asthma program does not directly fund the program, they have been able to pay for trainings, printing of educational materials, pillow and mattress encasements and have provided a lot of in-kind expertise to the program at the state level.  At the local level, some of the regional asthma coalitions have helped to train staff on the certified asthma educator curriculum.  So resources can come in a variety of ways!

Thank you, Amanda! This is very helpful -- and, yes, please do share your document summarizing the evidence you are using in your Medicaid proposal. I think this would be valuable to many in this community.

Much appreciated,


Amanda -- CDC has a deadline tomorrow (March 2nd) for input to a plan they're putting together to identify/develop these reimbursements. Would you be able to share your document ASAP; or I could provide CDC contact info (if you don't already have it)?!

Karen Green, PA ACP