Credentialing requirements for CHWs funded under Targeted Case Management?

Thanks for informative presentation. 

Can you tell me what sort of credentialing requirements or other qualifications need to be met for community health workers supported with funding from Medicaid's Targeted Case Management program? 

In Oregon, we wrote into our HH TCM SPA, that the CHW had to also have to be certified in the Standford Chronic Disease Model as a trainer or that they were are Asthma Educator.  Now Oregon has a new certification that CHWs have to go through 80 hrs of training specific for certificationl.

With respect to the Medicaid rule on providers of preventive services, if a state chooses to reimburse for other qualified providers, it is up to the state to define the credentialing requirements and qualifications necessary.

This is quite helpful, thank you. 

Would you be able to share the HH TCM SPA as well as additional details about the new certification? 

Yes - We will post it to Network on the Resource Bank.

Thank you! You're doing really great work. 

Do you have Respiratory Therapists involved in this program? Do you partner with the schools to increase awareness of the program? Looking to see if the schools can get reimbursed for the asthma prevention like we do for other medication administration/treatments through our state's Eshars.

MCEH, when you post the information, would you please post the link here, too?