Cost Savings Data and References

Is there a single place where the various publications and references on Cost Savings Data are collated?

This would be a tremendous service if someone could create it?


Robert Vinetz, MD
Medical Advisor, Pediatric Asthma Disease Management Prog. (QueensCare Health Centers)

Co-chair, Asthma Coalition of Los Angeles County

I don't know of a single place.  

This would be great information for EPA pull together and post on  Thanks for the suggestion.

Is there anyone out there who might do this? Or could EPA or MCAN do this?

I would also suggest a 2011 report from CDC.  Don't know the name though.

Great suggestion!  As Brenda mentioned, we will post the content more prominently on  In the meantime, check out the following resources available through this website:

1)  2009 Webinar, "The Science and Value Behind Targeted Home Environmental Interventions" -- CDC Community Guide

2)  2009 Webinar, "Economic Evaluation of Home-Based Environment Interventions"

3)  Document:  "Economic Value of Home-Based, Multi-Trigger, Multi-component Interventions with an Environmental Focus for Reducing Asthma Morbidity"

Hope this helps!