Getting families to follow through

How do we encourage families to take our suggestions on how to eliminate triggers or follow up with educational sessions? How do we make them care?

As a primary care provider, I find that sometimes it takes many visits to build the relationship and trust that can help families to accept home visits as a part of better asthma self-management.  Providing a clear and consistent message over multiple visits is key.  Familes may decline home visits on multiple occasions, but sometimes it requires finding that "teachable moment" and bringing it up again - after an ER visit for a particularly severe asthma exacerbation, or when the family notices a visible hazard at home like mold or water damage. 



Additional educational material for families is available from the EPA here:

In Albany, NY we are pursuing multiple paths to family engagement including:

  • Using Medicaid Reform investments (also in other regions of NYS) through both providers and Community Based Organizations (CBOs)
  • Engaging Community Leaders on the Medicaid Reform teams
  • The County Health Departments are doing Breathe Easy Workshops in Public Housing Community Rooms
  • As part of a NYS pilot, using Community Engagement facilitators in targeted high need neighborhoods.