How to Verify Non-Smoking In Unit

How does one verify non-smoking inside the unit if occupants do not open up the unit for inspection? Is there a penalty assessed for non-cooperation (like opening up the unit for inspections)? 

This is Amy Ann Moore from ICHD in Lansing, Michigan.

When I train Property Managers, I explain that if smokers that are violating, it will usually continue.  The managers should receive a complaint about who is smoking in the unit and make an unannounced visit ro send in the maintenance staff to the unit to inspect.  Surprisingly, property management complanies will find ashtrays in bathrooms (tenant uses fans in bathroom to try to get rid of the smoke) or other evidence of smoking in the unit.  It is not difficult to verify that smoking is taking place.  A property management company would never 'take the word" of someone.  If the smoking complaints always happen on weekends or evenings when staff are not around, the Manager can easily call in the tenants to a meeting and provide a warning and an offer of help.

Great Question!

Many managers we've worked with educate all staff on the property about smoke-free policy details and enforcement strategies. This includes caretakers, social service staff, maintenance, etc.  With proper notification to residents, staff entering the unit can document signs of violations that they may notice (as long as they are out in the open ie. not behind closed doors, in drawers, etc.)  The more educated all on-site staff are, the more support the management has in enforcement.