Smoking Cessation Classes

How sucessful (in terms of showing up for a class) were the smoking cessation classes offered during the case study in Lansing.


How can a asthma community group work with the public health department in their jurisdiction.  What makes sense to work on together.  Can you give me examples of strategies that would help the conversation going about partnerships?


Great Question!

I have had TONS of failures in this area, so please learn my from mistakes. :)

Messages that are effective before a policy is adopted are:

Quit-Tobacco help is available when you are ready...Healthy Living Health Fair at the property was very effecitve...this did not target smokers, but was promoted as an outcome of public health working with public housing.

Once a smoke-free policy is adopted, I have landed on the best way to deal with this, is to offer one to two Quit-Tobacco Info Sessions in the community room of the apartment.  Of those that attend, I provide quit-tobacco resources and offer to help those attending to create a self-facilitated quit-tobacco group.  I provide the "Tobacco and You" format from Rutgers and allow them to decide if they want to begin a program on-site.  That has been a wonderful success and provided a stronger self-managed community.

I warn everyone: do not present quit-tobacco materials too early in the process. It gives the wrong impression that smoke-free housing means that smokers are not allowed to live in the property.  Please be clear that the SMOKE is the problem.