Webinar Resources

There were alot of resources mentioned on the slides.  I couldn't write fast enough. Is there a place I can obtain the slide show, to review various aspects?

Here are some of the resources mentioned during the presentation.

• RentLinx website: www.rentlinx.com
• MISmokeFreeApartments website: www.mismokefreeapartment.org  
• “Model Lease Provisions” in the AsthmaCommunityNetwork.org Resource Bank
• “Smoke-Free Air Law: Attorney General Opinion” in the AsthmaCommunityNetwork.org Resource Bank
• “Smoke-Free Housing; Legal and Easier Than You Thought!” in the AsthmaCommunityNetwork.org Resource Bank
Keep a look out for the followup resources email. Amy Moore has also posted to the AsthmaCommunityNetwork.org resources bank. 

The resources mentioned during the first portion of the presentation can be access from the Live Smoke Free website: http://www.mnsmokefreehousing.org/organizations/Resources.  They are available free of charge, however shipping costs may apply.

I'd like to mention that HUD's 2014 publication, "Change is in the Air: An Action Guide for Establishing Smoke-Free Public Housing and Multifamily Properties is available at:  http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/smokefreetoolkits1  As it says on the HUD website:  "The purpose of this Action Guide is to encourage PHAs and owners/agents of subsidized or market rate multifamily housing to adopt smoke-free policies. The guide also includes insights from some of the early implementers, referred to as smoke-free pioneers. These insights address common questions and concerns PHAs and owners/agents have about smoke-free policies.  You can help HUD continue its smoke-free housing initiative by providing details of your experience implementing a smoke-free policy and offering feedback on this Action Guide. Please send your comments to Smokefreehousing@hud.gov."  There is information on both affordable and market-rate housing in the document.  Rachel Riley at HUD Healthy Homes Office