Partnerships between an Asthma-Clean Air for Kids & Public Health Department

Can you share how an asthma community group and a public health department can work together on market rate apartments as well as public housing?  I don't feel am making the connection because they are two different programs?

From my experience, partnership would look similar, although strategies for outreach and implementation may look slightly different based on the type of property.  Capitalizing on opportunities in which public health is already involved with a management company (for example one that manages both market rate and subsidized properties, and may already be working with public health in some capacity be it tobacco/healthy eating/active living/etc) is a great "in" to working with a market-rate management company.  Conducting joint mailings, or holding joint "lunch and learns" targeted at healthy housing initiatives (including smoke-free housing) will interest both managers of market rate and public housing.

In Lansing Michigan we used asthma patients to inform buildings that we target for a smoke-free housing policy.  I get referrals from hospitals, publlic health nursing and asthma case management.  If the individual lives in rental housing and asthma is being triggered by passive smoke, I will discuss with the family the option of meeting with the property management company/owner.  If the individual is agreeable, we can meet with the apartment managers.  If the passive smoke exposure continues and the tenant is agreeable they can even file an ADA complaint against the property.  We work together and inlclude the hosing facility during Case Management.

There are grants available for eliminating asthma triggers and educating low income households which makes public housing a great partner.  I suggest you look at these grants as an opportunity to create a partnership.