Establishing a partnership with local ALA Chapter

For Kathleen:  What is your advice to a Health Plan in New England for establishing a partnership with the local ALA Chapter?   Where to start?    How long did it take your organization to build your partnership with the ALA Upper Mid West?  Thanks!

ALA Partnership question directed towards Bridget, thank you!

The ALA of the Upper Midwest has actually recruited and trained staff for our varying states that are even outside of their geographic footprint to make sure the program is managed and implemented consistently since they developed the program but I've found the ALA chapters are very well connected. I'd be happy to put you in contact with our program manager to see if they have contacts in New England that they can connect you to. Feel free to post your email address and we can take offline. Alternatively, you can contact your local chapter, see if they are aware of this work and they can make those connections within the ALA channels.

Thank you Bridget, I would welcome the opportunity to lean more about the ALA partnership off line at your convenience.


Will do. Also, it took about 6 months to build the partnership. Forgot to add that up front. Thanks!

Awesome, thanks Bridget.  I look forward to connecting.  Thanks!