Question From An Adult Asthma Program

Good afternoon all,

I work in a program that conducts work-related asthma surveillance associated with occupational or work-related exposures/triggers in adults. I am wondering: How often do parents/guardians report or mention work-related asthma during home visits focused on their children? Our program is looking to expand our outreach efforts and partnerships, ideas are welcome!

Thank you!

The Healthy Breathing Program's surveys inquire about the work each family member engages in both to understand how the work environment might be both a trigger for them if they're asthmatic but also a trigger to any family member who is asthmatic when they come home everyday with potential residue of their work on them. If someone in the family works in an occuption that is compromising to their health or that of their family, we make time to dive deeper into that piece of our conversation with them.