Housing types

What type of housing are they seeing patients in - private homes, rental housing, apartments, public housing (governmne financed?). What type of home environmental services are they providing beyond the assessment? Removing carpet, remediating mold, mattress covers, air cleaners etc.? 

70% of CHAMP patients live in rental homes and apartments. Many patients have a certificate for federal housing subsidy. Much of the housing is in poor repair with lots of pests, mold, and mildew, and a landlord that likely lives in a faraway place. Tennessee’s housing laws/codes are quite landlord friendly. Of those patients who own this tends to be multi-generations in one home and the Grandparent owns the home, which is typically in need of much repair.

In terms of the home environmental services designed, here are some services beyond assessments:

Carpet removal and flooring installation, Carpet steam clean, Integrated Pest Management, Gutter repair, Mold remediation, Plumbing repair, Roof repair, Venting, Air conditioners, Air purifiers, Dehumidifiers, Furnace cleaning. We have estimates for how often we will need to do each type of measure, based on the local housing stock.

Nothing!  They do nothing.  Well instead of replacing the roof, they patched 48 leaks, and still I have water leaking in, they said I was welcome to leave, or should I say be homeless.