training code officers

What opportunites do yuo see for trainng code officials on the importance of environmental health issues as an incentive for addressing code changes and enforcement?

I find that most code officials can't define "health" even though it is usually part of their mission statement.  Putting a good code in place forces the training issue.

Great question! There are both challenges and opportunities here. The agencies responsible for code enforcement are often overwhelmed and understaffed. So I think the way that you approach codes as a potential partner can make a lot of difference (e.g., offering yourself as part of the solution instead of just adding to their list of responsibilities). I have definitely heard stories of communities that have been successful at empowering code enforcement officers as protectors of health, which can be really powerful.  There are existing trainings (e.g., the National Healthy Homes Training Center and Network has a course on healthy housing for code officers: and I think there are opportunities to offer these more, but also to leverage technology so they can be available online. I'll  also note again the importance of cross-sector partnerships (like the example of deputizing health department staff doing home visits in Erie County) and the power of collecting data and stories that highlight successes and impact.