Region 5 Asthma Forum

Region 5 Asthma Forum
Wednesday and Thursday, June 6 - 7, 2012
Chicago, Illinois

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Region 5) held a Regional Asthma Forum to explore the various ways regional partners are addressing asthma disparities in communities and neighborhoods. The Regional Asthma Forum convened representatives from public health departments, asthma coalitions, community asthma programs and non-profit organizations in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin to discuss how asthma disparities are being addressed in the context of environmental justice and examine issues such as health care, housing and school policies, community and cultural differences and outdoor air quality. 

The agenda and presentations from the Region 5 Asthma Forum are now available. Additional materials included a Declaration worksheet and Workbook.

Wednesday, June 6

Thursday, June 7



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Harold Wimmer, President & CEO, American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest
Joel Africk, President & CEO, Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago

Delivering High Quality Asthma Care - A System in Action

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Tracy Enger, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

This session introduces the System for Delivering High Quality Asthma Care, how and why it works, and how the System can be used as the framework to achieve successful health goals for asthma.

Keynote Address – Karen Meyerson, Asthma Network of West Michigan

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Karen Meyerson, Asthma Network of West Michigan

Karen Meyerson describes how her program successfully implements the various components of the System to achieve improved asthma outcomes among low income and ethnically diverse adults and children.

Advancing Environmental Justice and Taking Action on Asthma Disparities

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Lara Lasky, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Alisa Smith, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Gregory Crawford, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Learn about the Plan EJ 2014 and the Coordinated Federal Action Plan to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Asthma Disparities. Discover how you can be involved with what the EPA and other Federal Agencies are doing to support underserved communities and address asthma disparities.

Implementing Environmental Asthma Interventions

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Dorr Dearborn, Case Western Reserve University
Cheryl Newton, Assistant Regional Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Find out about the Phyicians in Patients’ Homes Training Program targeted at children with asthma; and understand the effectiveness of evidence based interventions in homes of people with asthma.

Delivering High Quality Asthma Care – Utilizing the Key Drivers of Program Effectiveness

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John Dowling, Michigan Department of Community Health, Asthma Prevention and Control Program
Mary Cooley, Priority Health Medicare

Hear from recent National Environmental Leadership Award Winners on how they have implemented the “key drivers of program effectiveness” in their asthma programs and discover how you can put them into action.

Asthma Care Fax

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Erika Horstmann, Medicine Shoppe, Wisconsin Asthma Coalition

Learn about this tool that pharmacists can easily use to help control the burden of asthma in their communities.

Managing Asthma in Chicago Public Schools

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Liliana DeSantiago, Chicago Public Schools
Marc Rosen, Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago

Discover how the Chicago Public School System has recently implemented its unique comprehensive asthma program.

Guest Speaker – Susan Sommer, Community Asthma Initiative, Boston Children’s Hospital

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Susan Sommer, Community Asthma Initiative, Boston Children’s Hospital

Hear about how the Community Asthma Initiative is improving asthma outcomes in Boston’s underserved communities.

Overcoming Cultural Barriers to Improve Asthma Care and Outcomes – Panel Discussion

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Gay Chisum, Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago
Melissa Gutierrez, Sinai Urban Health Institute
Jill Heins Nesvold, American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest
Anne Krantz, Cook County Health and Hospital Systems
Molly Martin, Rush University Medical Center
Cynthia Rivas, Healthy East Chicago

Panelists from a variety of high-performing programs describe how to overcome challenges in serving different ethnic and racial communities.

Ambient Air Quality

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Mark Werner, Wisconsin Division of Public Health
Michael Compher, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Marta Fuoco, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Megan Gavin, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Get the answers to your burning questions. Learn how to address outdoor wood burning issues as part of your asthma program. Manage asthma through air quality awareness. Hear the latest on the EPA BurnWise, AIRNow, and the School Flag Programs.

Communities in Action – Accelerating Healthy Communities Together

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Tracy Enger, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Return home inspired with new skills, guidance, and personal connections to program leaders throughout Region 5. Develop a vision for your program and define action steps to help you realize that vision.

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